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“Fashion fades; style is eternal” - Yves St Laurent

Carolyn Guyer - Image Consultant - HampshireSometimes it's hard to know where to start when we want to look great.  Fashion moves so fast and it can be bewildering knowing what suits us as individuals. 

There is an art to dressing well and with a little direction, you too can master the art of looking good, all the time.  As an Image Consultant, I will give you advice and an easy set of rules to follow that will simplify your fashion conundrums and help you understand what suits you, your body and your natural colouring.

We are all unique and what looks fabulous on one may be a disaster on another, however we can all embrace who we are and learn to flatter the characteristics we were born with.  Size does not matter but shape and colouring most certainly do!

Carolyn Guyer - Image Consultant - Hampshire


Let clothes become your ally rather than your enemy

Fashion is there to be enjoyed. It can't change the world but it can change the way the world looks at you.  It has the power to instantly transform the way we look and feel. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make the best of ourselves.

My objective is to make you feel good about yourself so relax and take the first step towards investing in the new you today.

Image consultations take place at my home in Petersfield which is within easy reach of Chichester, Portsmouth and Guildford, or at the client’s, within a reasonable distance.

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Colour Analysis

Surrounding the face with the right shades can be as rejuvenating as a face lift. Identify a palette of colours that bring your hair, skin and eyes to life. Shopping will become so much easier and your wardrobe will work efficiently. Most importantly of all, you will feel confident and comfortable in the correct colours and make up for you.

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Style Analysis

Learn how to flatter and make the most of your own unique figure rather than anyone else’s. Gain confidence as you learn the rules and look polished and pulled together every day.  Knowing what works for you will enable you to shop like an expert in the future. Accentuate your assets, disguise your flaws and transform the way you feel.

Wardrobe Review Hampshire © Elenathewise -

Wardrobe Review

Edit your wardrobe to see if it reflects your lifestyle, colour and style analysis. Work out what needs to go, learn how to mix & match, and recognise the gaps that need filling. By helping you create a refined wardrobe where everything works in harmony, looking stylish will become second nature, be quick and easy to achieve and save you time, money and angst.

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Shopping Made Simple

Take the pain out of shopping and treat yourself to a personal shopping experience where the hard work is done for you. Once we have dealt with your colour, style and wardrobe weeding, shopping will become effective and successful. 

A special occasion or a wardrobe restocking mission? I will save you much of the stress associated with shopping and the dreaded remorse from unwise impulse buys.

Gift Vouchers Hampshire © Tatiana Volgutova - Fotolia.comGift Packages and Vouchers

Give someone special the perfect gift that will last for a lifetime. All the above services and gift packages can be tailored to meet your requirements and your budget. A discount will be applied if booking two or more services, or for a shared session.

Consultations take place either at my home in Petersfield which is within easy reach of Chichester, Portsmouth and Guildford or at the client’s, within a reasonable distance.


Image Consultant Testimonials © Borna_Mir - "Thank you so much for your colour analysis. I've revamped my wardrobe, coloured my hair, and bought some make up. Now just the botox to go and a new woman I shall be!" Jean, Hampshire

“I used to be a compulsive shopper and I would flick through catalogues and want to buy things without trying the item on just because they looked good on the models.  The problem is that I’m a curvy size 16/18 and the models are not! So when the clothes arrived, they often looked dreadful on me.  Carolyn has really helped me to discover the rules of colour and style that suit me and my figure.  My confidence when shopping and dressing has escalated because I now know what I am looking for and what makes me feel great.” Emma, Accountant from Petersfield

"I really appreciated all the time you spent with me during my visit and your extremely thorough approach to finding out what colours would suit me. I found the whole session very interesting and enlightening. A fascinating morning" Julia, West Sussex

Contact Details

Please call or email Carolyn for a friendly, no obligation chat about what you would like to achieve.

Mobile: 07887 534713

Image consultations take place at my home in Petersfield which is within easy reach of Chichester, Portsmouth and Guildford, or at the client’s, within a reasonable distance.

  Carolyn Guyer - Image Consultant - Hampshire
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